Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey (Vinyl)


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Our two main goals are to provide the softest shirt and highest quality print possible. Shirt colors and brands vary depending on available inventory. If having a specific brand is important to you, please make special requests in the notes section of the checkout page.

Not seeing your preferred color option appear when ordering? Process-friendly shirt colors are automatically listed after you select your preferred design process. Not all colors work with each design process (i.e. bleached, sublimation, etc).

Design Processes:


Sublimation printing is the crème de la crème of the shirt world. It never (ever) cracks, fades, or peels.

Unlike screen prints, sublimation prints are pressed into the fibers of your shirt. You cannot press sublimation prints onto dark colored shirts (UNLESS you want a bleached shirt). You also cannot use sublimation prints in white, therefore anything white in the design will become the color of the shirt. If you don’t want a bleached shirt, please select a light-colored shirt.

Since the dye-sublimation inks adhere to polyester; cotton t-shirts will not work with this printing process. The t-shirt or substrate must be polyester. Some polyester blends will work (some are better than others) but the outcome of the print will appear fade and/or vintage looking. Remember the higher the polyester count the brighter the design. The lower the polyester count the more vintage the design.

Due to the 4 color process (CMYK) of digital printing, exact color matching cannot be guaranteed unless on a solid white shirt. The slight variation in color is usually minimal to none.


Vinyl will work on any type of shirt.



Want a bleached shirt?? We have added the option to choose your design-process type (Sublimation or Vinyl) and whether your shirt will be bleached or not.

Choose one of our HEATHER colors to get the best bleaching outcome!


Questions?? Just shoot us an email and we will assist with your order!